Design Our Hoodie – Win Your Hoodie!

Hello ALES!

The club is in need of a design for some new gear, and we want YOU to create it!

Time to sharpen a pencil, pour a home brew, and put those artistic skills to work! OR ply your creative friends and family with some delicious homemade beer, and put them to work!

Best of all, if your design is selected, you will get yours absolutely FREE!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Enter your original design by simply emailing an image to
  • Remember to keep your original work, regardless of if it was created on paper or digitally – we may need it.
  • Designs must be a single color. While any color fabric can be considered (feel free to suggest if you think yours will look best on a specific color), it is recommended to consider what your design would look like printed on a darker fabric.
  • Plan for a design that works on t-shirts as well as hoodies.
    Single sided or double-sided (Front and Back) designs will be considered.
  • New slogans and tag lines are awesome, but keep it family friendly!
  • Enter as many designs as you want, each one in a separate email.
    Submissions will be accepted until Midnight on January 12th, 2017. The club executive will create a short list from the submissions, which will then be posted on for you to review and vote for your favorites.

A few bits of inspiration:
– ALES has been blazing a trail for home brewers and aspiring professional brewers for many years now, and has a long history.
– Our last round of apparel contained a great tag line: “Brewing the Craft Beer Revolution Since 1977”.
– This year saw the passing of a founding member, Bev Robertson. A subtle raise of a glass to Bev would certainly be appropriate.
– The history of ALES is closely linked to that of our gracious host, the Bushwakker. There is a detailed history of the Bushwakker, including how ALES came to be, posted on the Bushwakker’s website – the beginnings of the club are discussed in Chapter 2.

That leaves you just about one month to perfect your designs, and get them all submitted to!

Ale & Lager Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan