Hops, Hops, Hops

$20 Per Pound of Hops!

They are vacuum sealed and have been stored in the freezer.

El Dorado

Alpha Acid 13-17%

Dual Purpose hop with tropical fruit flavors and aromas of pear, watermelon, and stone fruit.

Idaho 7

Alpha Acid 9-12%

Dual Purpose variety with zesty orange, tangerine, marmalade, pine and black tea notes. Typical Brewing Styles: IPA, Pale Ale , & American Wheat Beers. Possible substitution (click to shop): Citra


Alpha Acid 15-17%

Dual Purpose variety with banana, pear, orange and spicy notes. Typical Brewing Styles: American IPA and Farmhouse Ales


Alpha Acid 4.3%

Aroma Variety with mild herbal, floral and earth aromas. Typical Brewing Styles: Lager, Pilsner, Bock, Wheat, Weizen. Possible Substitutions (click to shop): US Hallertau, Ultra or Liberty

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