Packaging your beer for shipping to the ALES Open

Hello folks!

Sometimes we get questions about how beer should be packaged before shipping it off to be judged at the ALES Open.

We’ve put together a little primer on our preferred method of packaging that will ensure your beer arrives safely.  Following this method will also make it very easy for our volunteers to unpack on sorting night.

April meeting Single-hop ExBEERiment

Hello ALES members!

Coming up in April is the “All Things Hops” meeting and we’re asking members to participate in a single-hopped beer experiment. Basically, we’ll all brew as close to the same base pale ale as possible but with different hops. Hopefully we end up with a wide variety of different hops and are able to really see how various different single hop strains impart flavours to beer!

We’ll keep the recipe simple with a grist that will let the hops characters shine: 85% 2-row, 10% Munich/light crystal, and 5% white/pale wheat malt, and a clean American yeast strain, like White Labs California Ale (WLP001), Wyeast American Ale (1056), or Safale US-05. To get the full bittering, flavouring, and aroma characters,  drop hops in around the 60, 15-20, and 0-5 minute marks (target ~40 IBU) then dry-hop for a few days.

If you want to participate, simply open this Google Doc, fill in your name and the hops you’d like to use, brew your beer, and bring enough of it to share at the April meeting. As always, we ask that you bring a 6-pack of regular bottles, 3 bombers, or a full growler. If there’s a strain of hops you want to use that’s not on the list, feel free to add it.

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