ALES Homebrew Open 2009 – Results

The results are in! Thanks to all of our sponsors and to all of the volunteer stewards and judges that came out and made the week run so smoothly. Congratulations to all the winners. The quality of the entries this year was once again unbelievable. Without further delay, the big winners are:

Cider-Maker of the Year: Mark Heise – ALES

Mead-Maker of the Year: Ryan Coulthard – ALES

Homebrewer of the Year: Mark Heise – ALES

Club of the Year: ALES

Best of Show: Eric Eccelstone – Biergotter



Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
1: Light Lager Mike Kay (Other) – Premium American Lager David Shaykewich (Other) – Munich Helles Mike Kay (Other) – Munich Helles
2: Pilsner Doyle-Duperron (Edmonton Homebrewers Guild) – German Pils David Shaykewich (Other) – German Pils Scott Tackaberry (Winnipeg Brew Bombers) – Classic American Pilsner
3: European Amber Lager,
4: Dark Lager AND
5: Bock
Mark Heise (ALES) – Traditional Bock David Shaykewich (Other) – Schwarzbier Geoffrey Wan (Other) – Oktoberfest
6: Light Hybrid Beer AND
7: Amber Hybrid Beer
Paul Chicoine (ALES) – California Common Owen Kirkaldy (Edmonton Homebrewers Guild) – Blonde Ale Jason Foster (Edmonton Homebrewers Guild) – Dusseldorf Altbier
8: English Pale Ale Owen Kirkaldy (Edmonton Homebrewers Guild) – Ordinary Bitter Barry Hunt (Edmonton Homebrewers Guild) – Ordinary Bitter Gary Falkenstein (ALES) – Premium Bitter
9: Scottish and Irish Ale Joel Rathgaber (ALES) – Strong Scotch Ale Geoffrey Wan (Other) – Strong Scotch Ale Harry Wagner (Edmonton Homebrewers Guild) – Strong Scotch Ale
10: American Ale Rick August (ALES) – American Pale Ale David Shaykewich (Other) – American Brown Ale Mark Whitehead (Other) – American Pale Ale
11: English Brown Ale Harry Wagner (Edmonton Homebrewers Guild) – Southern English Brown Barry Hunt (Edmonton Homebrewers Guild) – Southern English Brown Mark Heise (ALES) – Northern English Brown
12: Porter Tim Dodd (ALES) – Robust Porter Mark Whitehead (Other) – Robust Porter Barry Hunt (Edmonton Homebrewers Guild) – Brown Porter
13: Stout Gary Falkenstein (ALES) – Russian Imperial Stout Joel Rathgaber (ALES) – American Stout Mark Heise (ALES) – Foreign Extra Stout
14: India Pale Ale (IPA) Mark Whitehead (Other) – English IPA Corey Clayton (Cowtown Yeast Wranglers) – Imperial IPA Mark Heise (ALES) – English IPA
15: German Wheat and Rye Beer Glen Faubert (ALES) – Weizen Joel Rathgaber (ALES) – Weizen Mark Whitehead (Other) – Weizen
16: Belgian and French Ale Rick August (ALES) – Saison Mark Heise (ALES) – Belgian Specialty Rick August (ALES) – Biere de Garde
17: Sour Ale Jamie Singer (ALES) – Flanders Brown Jim Van Dusen (ALES) – Flanders Red Jim Van Dusen (ALES) – Fruit Lambic
18: Belgian Strong Ale Jake Huzel (Cowtown Yeast Wranglers) – Belgian Blond Ale Scott Tackaberry (Winnipeg Brew Bombers) – Tripel Mark Heise (ALES) – Dark Strong Ale
19: Strong Ale Eric Ecclestone (Biergotter) – Old Ale Gary Falkenstein (ALES) – American Barleywine AJ Rorabeck (Members of Barleyment) – English Barleywine
20: Fruit Beer AND
22: Smoke-Flavoured & Wood-Aged
Corey Clayton (Cowtown Yeast Wranglers) – Classic Rauchbier Dean Neald (ALES) – Fruit Beer Alex Martus (Edmonton Homebrewers Guild) – Other Smoked Beer
21: Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer Glen Faubert (ALES) – Christmas Beer Jamie Singer (ALES) – S/H/V Beer (Pumpkin) Corey Clayton (Cowtown Yeast Wranglers) – Christmas Beer
23: Specialty Eric Ecclestone (Biergotter) – Barleywine with Malted Rye Geoffrey Wan (Other) – India Brown Ale Bill Pierce (Other) – Australian Sparkling Ale
24: Mead AND
26: Other Mead
Carey Markewich (ALES) – Metheglin (Ginger)

Scott Tackaberry

(Winnipeg Brew Bombers) – Dry Mead

AJ Rorabeck

(Members of Barleyment) – Dry Mead

25: (Melomel) Fruit Mead Ryan Coulthard (ALES) – Pineapple & Apple Mead Alan Ilsley (ALES) – Cyser Rick August (ALES) – Other Fruit Mead

27: Standard Cider and Perry

28: Specialty Cider and Perry

Mark Heise (ALES) – New England Cider Mark Heise (ALES) – Common Cider Geoffrey Wan (Other) – Common Cider
Homebrewer of the Year Mark Heise (ALES)
Mead Maker of the Year Ryan Coulthard (ALES)
Cider Maker of the Year Mark Heise (ALES)
Best Of Show

Eric Ecclestone

(Biergotter) – 19A Old Ale

Harry Wagner

(Edmonton Homes Guild) 11B Southern English Brown

Gary Falkenstein (ALES) – 13F Russian Imperial Stout
Club of the Year ALES Edmonton Homebrewer’s Guild Cowtown Yeast Wranglers

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