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Teach a Friend To Homebrew Day! Sept 30th

Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day will be happening on Sept 30th, 2013. This is an annual event run by the ALES Club, to help new brewers learn more about the hobby we love, and also give more experienced brewers an opportunity to learn from each other.

This year’s event will be hosted by District Brewing located at 1555 8th Ave, Regina.

Brewing will be happening from 8AM-2PM. There is no cost to attend, and no need to stay for the whole event, but if you are interested in learning to make beer at home, this is a great way to learn the entire process!

You will have the opportunity to see multiple different systems in use, and multiple different ways of doing things. If you are even thinking about brewing your own beer, there is no better opportunity to learn what you need to get started!

Burgers will be available, free for ALES members, and at a minor cost for non-Members. You will of course also be able to sign up for an ALES membership at the event (You don’t even need to make beer to be a member, just love it as much as we do!)

Wether you will be attending as a brewer, or just wanting to check things out, please take a brief moment to fill out our sign-up sheet, so help us plan appropriately.