The ALES Club will be hosting the 25th annual ALES Homebrew Open presented by Everwood Ave Brew Shop from April 9 -14, 2018. The ALES Open is one of Canada’s largest homebrewing competitions for beer, mead and cider. Last year saw entrants from across Canada submit over 500 entries. The ALES Open is once again proud to be a part of the Canadian Brewer of the Year circuit.

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Our competition is sanctioned by the Beer Judge Certification Program.  Judging is conducted by certified BJCP judges using the BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines.

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The ALES Open will be using the 2015 American Homebrewers Association adaptation of the BJCP styles for a total of 31 categories. Please review this document to ensure you know which styles will be judged together. This is being done to help with the judging process and for the timely completion of the competition. The AHA adapted competition guidelines combine some BJCP styles that have similar or complementary flavours and strengths.


All entries must be registered online by April 4th!

$7 fee per entry. The preferred method of payment is via PayPal. Cheques will not be accepted.

We require two bottles per entry. Bottles must be between 300 and 375 ml (exceptions will be made for meads and ciders). No flip top/swing top bottles (ie. Grolsch bottles). No labels or markings other than the registration label are allowed. Any marks on caps should be blacked out. The registration label should be affixed just below the neck of the bottle with scotch tape. To print off your labels, select “Print Bottle Labels” from the Registration site.

Only beers, meads and ciders made using home brewing equipment may be entered.

Entrants may only submit one entry per subcategory. For categories that have no subcategories, you may only submit one entry.

When registering your entries, ONLY use the Unique Ingredients or Comments section if you are entering a style that needs ingredients/brewing styles or methods to be declared.  Refer to the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines if you aren’t sure what to enter.

Entries must be physically received at the Bushwakker by April 4th, but not prior to March 26th, 2018.  Remember, your entries must be registered by April 4th! Do not ship via bus courier or COD, and please do not use packing corn! Entries must be couriered directly to, or dropped off at:
The Bushwakker Brewpub
2206 Dewdney Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4R 1H2
(306) 359-7276

Conflicts or disputes will be settled by the Competition Committee. All decisions are final.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email:

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The competition is open to all BJCP categories/styles of home brewed beermead and cider.  Medals and prize packages are awarded to Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in each category as outlined above.  Prize packages consist of a wide variety of donated items from our many sponsors.

The major awards are:
Best of Show – Awarded to the single best beer entry.  The Best of Show prize is the opportunity to brew one of your recipes at the Bushwakker Brewpub!

Homebrewer of the Year – based on total points earned from medals in categories 1 to 23 (entries must score a minimum of 30 points to count towards HoTY)

Rookie of the Year – all first-time entrants are eligible, based on total points earned from category medals (entries must score a minimum of 30 points to count towards RotY)

Mead Maker of the Year – Awarded to the single best mead entry

Cider Maker of the Year – Awarded to the single best cider entry

Club of the Year – based on total points earned from category medals (entries must score a minimum of 30 points to count towards CotY)

Results will be announced on April 22 at the Awards Ceremony, and will be posted on the ALES website no later than April 24.

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