ALES Open Judging Packs


The 2017 ALES Open will take place April 17 to 22 — and we need your help!

Your volunteer time is important to us, and just like support for a crowd funding campaign, we believe you should know up front how much we value your support. Like a crowdfunding campaign, we’ve got thank-you gifts for you depending on your level of support. The more time you can give us, the more we’ll have for you!

Judge ONE flight

If you judge at least one flight in the ALES Open, your judge pack will include a quality bottle opener keychain. You will also receive a competition badge that grants you special access to some ALES Open events, such as our volunteer appreciation night and will get you a free beer and meal at the cask night hosted by Rebellion Brewing Co.

Judge THREE flights

If you judge at least three flights you’ll receive a 2017 ALES Open Judge T-shirt in your size.

Judge FIVE flights

If you judge at least five flights you’ll receive a special edition 2017 ALES Open button up brewer shirt in your size.

That’s not all, there are always many more freebies and discounts that come up in the days before event that we share with our volunteers, stewards and judges.

Don’t want to miss out on these great deals? Register NOW to secure your spot judging in this year’s ALES Open.

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